Travel wise with your phone.


In this blog, I would like to add some of the best apps that will help your next travel, let it be leisure or business.

The list of essential apps on your phone:

Uber: The best taxi app that I have ever seen. Be in Berlin, Amsterdam, Mumbai, or Dubai the app works seamless. In Dubai you can even book a chopper 🙂 Careem is good to go in the MiddleEast.

Google Translate: Just download the app and the best function of the app using the camera to translate the words by pointing your camera on to the words or sentence is just amazing.

Moments is a great app to save all you photos on the cloud and you can save all the photos and don’t worry about your phone memory capacity. It can also share and create albums if you are in a group. No more sending pictures back and forth. has an app for mobile phone which is the best way to book your tickets. You can book hotels, hostels, or motels via the app.

LMT deals shows the best last minute deals in town but does not allow you to book in advance. It shows just the left over rooms for today or tomorrow. If you are a backpacker, give it a try. Not recommended when the city is full due to an event or a peak season.

Couchsurfing community is amazing. You can stay with another surfer and it gives you the amazing opportunity to stay with a local and learn local cultures and make new friends while you travel. is a great app if you are a solo traveller and looking to meet other travellers who are likeminded.

AirBnB allows you to book bed and break fast from your mobile phone. In most cases the rooms are cheap and its not a hotel, just a home away from home.

Google maps allows you to save your hotel. It is also a great app to show the categories of interest in your area. Say, if you are looking for a place to hangout or eat, it can show you the best places around. The google earth feature even gives you the freedom of virtually visiting the place before you physically go there.

Waze allows you to navigate in case you are driving and in most cases it has been accurate than any other inbuilt car navigation systems. The traffic is real time as the data is captured from fellow waze users.

Shazam can identify the music that sounds great and you have no clue of the language or the artist. Just save it to your Shazam and then listen it over when you reach back. Sometimes it takes you back to the trip or the good times abroad. On an iPhone you can just ask the Siri and it identifies your music via Shazam.

Skype would be great for talking to your friends and family.

Instagram will allow you to post the best shots you clicked.

Facebook live is a great way to show your friends and family in realtime as a video. The feature is available to most users by now and getting rolled out to all users in the coming weeks.

WhatsApp allows you to keep in touch with your friends and allows most people to get rid of roaming call charges. The voice quality is amazing compared to other VoIP applications. Though some countries like UAE has restricted voice calls on WhatsApp and you won’t be able to make calls.

Other local apps for laundry services can help you save time and money on the expensive hotel laundries. WashNOW in Qatar is a great example of a local laundry app like the Washio app in the US.

Other tips: Wallet on iPhone does some great job by saving all your boarding passes and invitations in one place. You don’t have to carry paper anymore.



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